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Breadcrumb Questions


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LX5: 18 — 48 VDC Passive PoE

ME4: 18 — 48 VDC Passive PoE

JR2: 9 — 30 VDC Passive PoE

JR3: 9 — 30 VDC Passive PoE

KM3: 20– 48 VDC Passive PoE

    Legally, there can be up to two different frequency bands directly attached to a MIMO BreadCrumb. The other antennas must be externally mounted & connected to the BreadCrumb via cabling.

    For best performance we recommend having all antennas externally mounted/connected. There is a low level of electronic interference that naturally occurs when two antennas are directly attached.

When attaching an antenna or cable for use in outdoors, or in damp/dusty conditions, that ex connection needs its own protection. To find more information regarding water and other possible environmental ingress prevention, please refer to the Technical Bulletins in the back of each individual BreadCrumb model user guides. Waterproofing steps are provided with pictures of how to correctly seal your BreadCrumb ports, and which products we recommend for the process. Additionally, this information can be found in documentation on our support site by searching 'waterproofing' or 'sealing' under the Files tab.

Rajant Support provides a partner portal that allows for downloads of software and documentation. Please visit and select ‘Login’.

BreadCrumbs require some settings to be able to mesh with one another. The keys requirements are as follows

Security settings: This can be checked through the network ID, all breadcrumbs meant to mesh should have the exact same network ID.

Channel settings: The channel settings have to be homogeneous in order for the BreadCrumbs to communicate with one another. This setting can be found in BC|Commander under the BreadCrumbs specific configuration port->wlan(0-3)->Radio->Channel Number. Meshing will also need to be enabled as well as bandwidth settings will also need to be homogeneous.

Account Questions

 Please contact your Rajant regional sales representative. They will be able to better assist resolving your account issue and provide suggestions for your organization.

BC|Commander and BC|Enterprise Questions

In BC|Commander v11, navigate to File->Preferences>BreadCrumb Discovery and select both for discovery protocol.

This should allow you to find BreadCrumbs utilizing IPv6, as long as VLANs are configured correctly or not in use.

Each breadcrumb has multiple numbers of variations in configurations. Most problems seen can be correlated to inconsistent configurations of networks in BC|Commander. It is very common that specific configurations can be made in individual nodes, but not in others. This can cause detrimental effects to or inhibit maximum network potential.

BC|Commander Analyze is the best, first glance, tool to use to make sure the configurations amongst desired groups of nodes and networks are as uniform as planned. To use the Analyze tool, you select the “Mesh” tab on the top left in BC|Commander. Then you choose, Analyze.

Analyze performs a link and configuration analysis against the current mesh and displays the results in the current tab. It brings up configuration inconsistencies that one can use to help configure nodes to match. For detailed information about this feature, BCC Analyze, you can view the most recent BC|Commander User Guide via the Support Portal in the Files section.

A mesh snapshot stores details about the network running at that time. Rajant Support uses these to diagnose technical issues.

To take a snapshot in BC|Commander, select  'File' --> 'Save Mesh Snapshot As'. Press ‘OK’ to begin the snapshot taking process. If all BreadCrumbs are not captured during this process, ensure they are selected in the UI and extend the snapshot timeout.

 Go to the Mesh Tab in BC|Commander and select the “Scan for BreadCrumbs” option. This will search for undiscovered BreadCrumbs.